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      2. Live: Fox And Hounds, Caversham

        This was the second and final appearance by The Nerk Twins, alter egos of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, playing at the pub run by McCartney’s cousin Bett Robbins.

        John and I used to hitch-hike places together, it was something that we did together quite a lot; cementing our friendship, getting to know our feelings, our dreams, our ambitions together. It was a very wonderful period. I look back on it with great fondness. I particularly remember John and I would be squeezed in our little single bed, and Mike Robbins, who was a real nice guy, would come in late at night to say good night to us, switching off the lights as we were all going to bed. And I’d ask, ‘Mike, what was it like when you were on with the Jones Boys?’ – a group that I knew he’d appeared with because I’d got a cutting. And he’d say, ‘Oh, it was really good …’ and he’d tell stories of showbiz. He was the only person we had to give us any information. I think for John and I, our show-business dreams were formed by this guy and his wife. Mike Robbins has an awful lot to answer for!
        Paul McCartney
        Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

        The pair performed during the pub’s busy lunchtime period, from 12-2pm. Afterwards, Lennon and McCartney hitch-hiked to Liverpool.

        Live: Fox And Hounds, Caversham
        Live: Blue Angel, Liverpool – audition for Larry Parnes
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