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      2. Live: Star-Club, Hamburg

        This was The Beatles’ 11th of 48 nights at Hamburg’s Star-Club, the city’s newest rock ‘n’ roll venue.

        The Beatles played three separate residencies at the club in 1962. This was the first, and saw the group perform for a total of 172 hours over seven weeks. Their only night off was Good Friday, 20 April.

        This first stint at the Star-Club began on Friday 13 April, and came to a close on 31 May 1962. The Beatles left Hamburg on Saturday 2 June.

        It was The Beatles’ third residency in a Hamburg club within two years, and followed a series of shows at the Indra, the Kaiserkeller and the Top Ten Club.

        Live: Star-Club, Hamburg
        Live: Star-Club, Hamburg
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